Unicorn on a Unicycle Holding Corn

by Jorge Goyco

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This is a project by Papi (Jorge Goyco) and Momma (Leigh Goyco) and their kids (Emma - 10, Sofie - 8, Joey - 7 and Livie - 7). We have a whole bunch of instruments at our house and we used a whole bunch of them...including piano, guitar, ukulele, xylophone, banjo, djembe, french horn, triangle, accordion, cello, upright bass, melodica, a large mixing bowl, a paper receipt, a straw in a smoothie, a butt, electric guitar, record player, a jewelry box, kazoo, tin flute, recorder, our mouths and our hands. Also, our parakeet decided to sing sometimes while we were recording, and if you are listening with earphones, you might hear conversations going on in the background.

(Click on the individual tracks to read more about each song)

Papi wrote the lyrics to all the songs and taught them to the kids for them to sing. Papi mixed and mastered the tracks in GarageBand.

Sofie drew the cover art. Papi colored it in Photoshop with watercolors from the internet.

Inspirations for the songs were Gungor, Radiohead, Wild Child, The Flaming lips, Apparat, Emiliana Torrini and Portishead.

Special thanks to Jack Houston for giving us a microphone, Kevin Duff for letting us borrow a Banjo and Joe Hamiter for creative advice.

We hope you enjoy it…and find yourselves singing the songs all day long…like we do.


released June 12, 2012




Jorge Goyco College Station

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Track Name: Can You
Can you be different/Can you never die/Never go away/Never say goodbye/Can you always be close enough to hear my heart/Can you always be close enough to scratch your back/Can you always make me smile/Even when things go black

Stay/Can we stay this way/Like we are today/Like we are today
Track Name: Change
There’s something you should know/We all want you to change/We all want you to see/There’s something you should know/We want you to believe

We all think you are great/We just want you to know/There’s more to live than this/You just got to let go

You just got to let go
Track Name: Familiar

Sleepy time is over/Wipe the dust away/Your eyes might hurt a little/To see the light of day/Achy bones and muscles/Relieved by coffee cup/It’s time to get a move on/Expell what’s gathered up

Wake up you sleepy head/Get up get out of bed/It’s time to move ahead/The bed bugs must be shed

Wake up you sleepy head/Your dreams have you misled/Mend that bump upon your head/Open your eyes instead
Track Name: Papi Says
Papi says if the zombies come we can use any of his guns/Shoot them in the head he said/Yay!

Papi says if the aliens come from outer space in a big spaceship/We can kick them in the pipis/Yay!

Papi says if the robots come and make us work and be their slaves/We can disobey and misbehave/Yay!

Papi says if the villains come with their super evil powers/ We can ingest radiation or gamma rays and see what happens/Yay!
Track Name: Pray For Me
Pray/I want you to/Pray/I need you to/Be here when I get back

Pray/I want you to/Pray/I need you to/Know I gotta do this

You know me/And where/I have been/You know/I need this more than anything

I know/You will do/What you need/To do/Means we’re together in this

When this is all over/We will be stronger/When this is all over/We will be closer
Track Name: Trouble
It’s such a nice day/Even with the monster/She arrived a few days ago/Everyone is trying to stop her

I hear them coming

But I kinda like her/I wish they’d leave her alone/She looks like she’s confused/By the tanks and the unmanned drones

I hear them coming

I know she’s breaking everything/But bullets will just make her mad/Everything is messed up/But when she’s gone we’ll all be sad

We should try to be her friend/And just clean up the rubble/Cuz when her Momma comes/We’re gonna be in trouble

I hear them coming