Taking a Beating

by Dead Horse and the Rabbit Holes

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This album is dedicated to Marc Mulvaney...always a supporter of deep, profound music. It's also dedicated to my wife, who I will probably never let hear this album. Also to all of you over-thinkers out there. If anyone will get it, you will.


released June 13, 2016




Jorge Goyco College Station

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Track Name: Deeper Meanings
I'll take you back
If I can say that
Navigating you
Manipulating me
Navigating me
Manipulating you
But I'm back
I just took a couple deep breaths
We can talk now
But your words have deeper meanings
Don't they
Track Name: Early
You stopped too early
You were almost there
You must have tasted it
It's not messed up yet
You can still fix it
You can go all the way
It's gonna break you
It will break us all
Track Name: More Than Me
I won't let you find out
How I make it work
How I throw me away
Cuz I feel us closer
Bite my tongue
I don't care
You are more than me
I see the sun still
Track Name: Peeling
As you start
Taking all of this apart
You'll see
There's so much more going on at once
Peeling off a layer at a time
Where's the bottom
Where does it start
I'm ready to be frightened
Track Name: So Much You
You've no idea what I've built in here
Would it frighten you
Would it make you smile
Would it kill you
Will you still choose me
Me is so much you
Track Name: The Last Time
Are you gonna stop yet
I thought you said
That was the list time
I remember...
It scared the shit out of you
Out of me too
But was it really that bad
You didn't die