Squished Into Existence

by Goyco Family Band

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This is an album by Jorge Goyco (Dad) and Olivia Goyco (9yo Daughter). Songs about finding silver linings, apologies, reluctant super villains, promises, losing hope and even being found by God.

It's quirky at times, and deep at times, experimental at times and intimate at times. This album is best friends with earphones.

Any money made from this album will go toward Candy Bars, Roller Skating, Pizza, Cupcakes and Ice Cream.


released December 30, 2014




Jorge Goyco College Station

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Track Name: Good Day
Got a smile
on my face
Nothings gonna take away
Wake up
Start over
Its a beautiful day

On my side
Everything I see
Im Looking
round and round
All things want to help me

Im gonna
Have a good day

I'm not in a hearse
Boom! Good day!
I got chapstick in my purse
Boom! Good day!
I got pizza in my belly
Boom! Good day!
My upper lip ain't smelly
Boom! Good day!
I'm going roller skatin'
Boom! Good day!
My parents ain't beratin'
Boom! Good day!
Track Name: I'll Change
Don’t go
Just let me stay
I’ll change
I’ll change
I’ll change
Promise I’ll be better

(If you) send me away
I’ll be a million miles gone
Left to my thoughts
With nothing to act on

I'll be thinking of you
The whole time anyway
Apologies and love notes
and what I will say

This time I'll be different
Let me prove it

Don’t go
Let me stay
Track Name: The Dogs
How you gonna keep the dogs away
With sticks and stones my sweet
How you gonna catch my heart when I stray
With blisters on my feet

How you gonna hear my drowning splash
By sleeping under water
How you gonna pull me from the fiery crash
With melting arms my daughter

How you gonna find me in a crowd
By knowing your heart is near
How you gonna help me through this shroud
By letting you go my dear

How you gonna keep the dogs away
I can’t. They’ll tear and bite
How you gonna keep these monsters at bay
I’ve taught you how to fight

The dogs...are coming
The dogs...are here
Track Name: Tossed
I know you're weary
But don't let that
Keep those watching eyes
From asking what

I know you've seen much
You're still licking
Wounds you don't want
Others getting

Just because your
Hope is lost
Don't sink their boat
Before it's tossed

Wipe your eyes
Shake off that dirt
Let them come
Let them hurt

Hope is life is hope is life is...
Track Name: villain
I shoulda known - You woulda found my secret lair
I shoulda hidden - It better with shroud and snares
I woulda just told you about it if you'd asked
I woulda shown you everything and taken off my mask

I haven't checked the booby traps in a while
That’s not a trap door that was never my style
It’s just a hole in the floor I haven’t fixed
Oh How embarrassing, the walls are missing bricks

Only Friends friends friends
Friends will shoot shoot shoot
Shoot you straight straight straight
Through the heart

We can have an epic fight
Or just hang out

I needed something
I needed you
Track Name: wwhww
We were there
But I wasn't
That's when you found me

In my face
But I was elsewhere
That's where you found me

Laying there still
Twisted in the wreckage
That's how you found me

Because you can
Because you want me
That's why you found me

To be with you
Really be with you
That's what you found me for