by Me, Extinct.

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    The programming and guitars were done by Jorge Goyco and produced in GarageBand and mastered with T-Racks. The guitar used was a Squire Strat with Seymore Duncan Hot Rails Humbucker single space pickup, Fender Mustang II amp, IdiotBox D4 Distortion Pedal, Fulltone OCD Overdrive Pedal, IdiotBox Laser Fuzz Pedal, Homemade Fuzzrite Clone Fuzz Pedal.

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This album is a Genre Mashup Collaboration project by Jorge Goyco and friends.


released November 13, 2013




Jorge Goyco College Station

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Track Name: Up Front
This world
Attempts to make me blind
But I see You everywhere

These things
They try to take my time
But You are everything I need

You are always on my mind
Track Name: This Wait
We believe in you
We're just waiting
For you to explode

We stand with you
We're just waiting
For you to blow

We've watched you
We've seen you
We've heard you
We're with you

No need to wait
Track Name: Me Against Me
Mi afi shake dis witout being shaken
But mi caa break dis witout being broken

Yu an it di deh di backle pick up
Run ar fight ar cry wit mirrows cova up

Lay boms but remembah so dem nuh explode
Mi set trap but dem trip by di time mi go

Mi white flag shot up an it cut up to treds
Mi caa evn pick up mi arm-or ar mi ed

It's me against me never you against me
But it's me against me or it's me without you


Original Lyrics
I have to shake this without being shaken
But I can't break this without being broken

You and it are there - the battle picks up
Run or fight or cry with mirrors covered up

Laid bombs but remember so they don't explode
I set traps but they trip by the time I go

My white flag is shot up and it's cut to shreds
I can't even pick up armor or my head
Track Name: Over This
Peripherals have hooks in your eyes
Slave to the dog you just kicked outside

The plan you make is an undercooked steak
You're bleeding out with a stain you can't shake

Never a question of what can be done
We ain't infants in evil, son

So fight the fight and seek the rewrite
See it coming and rite to take flight

VERSE 1 (Counter):
Yeah, we distracted by peripheral thoughts
Not our fault, it's what we're taught, it's all we bought

Dogs need kicking like cans need sipping
Corners need tricking like drugs need tripping

Snakes are pets though slimy and wet
Too lazy to vet, all the trouble we get

Why fight the fight try to rewrite
is there right? When wrongs might? Yeah

I don't know if you can hear me
I don't know if you can hear me over this

You say "deny" but you swallow the lie
It's a big bad wolf in a dead sheep disguise

Sweet of you to have make this cake
But the cake you make will just feed the snake

If your soul like a granny just sits and corrodes
That snake is the granny you helped cross the road

Rip out the hooks, sacrifice your eyes
A lie you can't shake will be your demise

VERSE 2 (Counter):
Big bad wolf in a sheep's disguise
Pleasure to the taker we realize

Avert the right, get gratified
Leave hell to chance, be satisfied

It might be a lie, but it's good to swallow
Chase our dreams like no tomorrow

Lead ourselves, why should we follow
Self destruction, full throttle
Track Name: Tripped
I tripped and fell
Where was your hand
Yeah, I guess I wasn't watching

I tripped and fell
Thought you had my back
Thought you'd pull me out of Pitch Black

I tripped and fell
And you were just sitting there
While my soul was slipping

I tripped and fell
I'm under the bus
And I think I felt you push me

We're in this together...Aren't we

I'm watching you, you're watching me
I'm keeping you, you're keeping me
Track Name: All Over
I got too close
it's all over me, It's all over you

I stepped in it
it's all over me, It's all over you

Invented it
it's all over me, It's all over you

I'm wearing it
it's all over me, It's all over you

It's only really over - when you step in