by Jorge Goyco

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This album is another Goyco Family Band album. Deep lyrics, innocent children voices, psychedelic sounds. This is not radio play music, this is headphone music, and movie soundtrack music.

Part of this is just doing something that's interesting to me and that is different than I've ever heard. Part of it is getting my kids involved in creating music. They love that people they don't know might be listening to something they helped create. They also love doing stuff with me (their dad).

There were a couple of tears shed producing this album. Mostly because of the complex melodies.

Vocals by Sofie, Livie, Emma and Jorge.

All sales will go toward Cupcakes, Starbucks and Frozen Yogurt.

Cover art and album title by Sofie.

No Auto-tune was used on this album.


released February 6, 2015




Jorge Goyco College Station

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Track Name: Everyone But You
Everyone but you Is right here
Everyone but you is found
Everyone but you has forgotten
The memory of being drowned

Everyone but you is missing
Everyone but you is gone
Everyone but you has left me
To find a way to carry on

Everyone but you is falling apart
Everyone but you is real
Everyone but you is sharing
Planning out their last meal

I want to fall into you

Everyone but you
Will be gone forever
Everyone but you
Will be lost in time
Track Name: Friends
I just can't be friends with you
You're bad for me, you're bad for me
It’s not that there’s more light over here
It’s just how it’s gotta be

I just can’t be friends right now
It’s never gonna work
Your secrets aren’t safe with me
You can say that I’m a jerk

Just no
You know why
You hurt
I won’t cry

I'm always unsure
But this is right
Track Name: Get Out There
Once they take your coat
And you find your seat
Once it falls in place
And they all retreat

Once you grab your drink
Past the meet and greet
Time to get off your butt
Shake the dust off your feet

Before you get too old
Before you think too much about it
Gotta get out there and move
Gotta jump and not doubt it

Before you find yourself
At home in your underwear
Wondering could’ve and should’ve
With your head full of cares

I don’t think you will want
To look back and regret
All it costs is your head
And a little bit of sweat

Time to stop talking
Track Name: I Could
i could stay forever
I could disappear
I could be the whisper
in your ear

I could come running
whenever you call me
I could be the final
Face you see

I could bring you
All your favorite things
All your perfect things
The ones that give you wings

I could take away
All the yucky thoughts
And the deep dark blots
Cuz my heart you’ve caught

I could give it all away
And still i'd have everything

I’m here
Track Name: Something
No more suffering
Not that way anymore
Something to look forward to
Something to live for

If it is the death of me
This is how I choose to go
If it sucks the life out of me
It is all I need to know

Finally me know me ave a reason to be
A reason to live bruk fi real
An be free

A reason to save all dem kitties from da chree
A reason to be maad to

A reason to love all da people cyaan see
For all dem wanna do while nuh
steppin on me

Finally fi real, me ave a reason das dope
Makin me a better while
Givin me ope

Zeen wah Mia say
Check it deep
Memba disya

Something to believe in
Track Name: Then They Weren't
Tell the trees
That their leaves can let go
The mountains can crumble
And the cold wind blow

Tell the rivers
They can all run dry
The sun can sleep
And the moon can cry

Gone, gone
Taken me too
Gone, gone
My heart, is through

Tell the stars
Their twinkle can end
We've lost our way
We've lost our friend

Tell the tide
To drag me away
For everything
Has ended today

Gone, gone
Is the lure, is the fire
Gone, gone
is my tear on the pyre
Track Name: Werewolf
You aren't yourself when it happens
It's not who you are
I know...I know.
I've covered the scars

The waves that crash
Will drag it all away
The sand the sand will bury

The rain that gives
Like tears erase
Cuts and bruises
Barely a trace

I know you're in there
I see in your eyes
The battle will rage
Until one of you dies

You aren't yourself when it happens
It's not who you are
I know...I know.
I've covered the scars

I forgive you
Every time