by Jorge Goyco

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This is a project taking influence from the likes of Moderat, Apparat, Sufjan Stevens and the sound sculpting craziness of Jorge Goyco's brain.

Jorge's kids are the singers on the songs, and they were directly influential to the progression, format and sounds used in the tracks. During the production and refining of the instrumentation, to the adding of vocals, they each took the earphones, sat back, closed their eyes and had a good listen, then made suggestions as to which parts to take out, repeat, change or try something different.

They learned quite a bit about song construction, editing, effects, mixing, emotiveness, soundscaping, and production.

The process was fun. Joey helped quite a bit with beats. He's got some great ideas in that head of his..and the dance moves to prove it. There's a part on "Sorry" that he said he could listen to all day.

Sofie helped with the "Mesmerising" aspect of the tracks (we call is "Phasey-ness"). She wanted more "Space Reverb" and "Metallic Trailing" echos. She can get the feeling of a song. She's the loudest one on the chorus of "Bad Things" and she sang it lying on the floor under the microphone.

Emma made sure I didn't repeat things too much and get too annoying (knowing some repeating is good). Her song "Why" makes me want to cry, she sounds so beautiful and somehow can bring the emotion needed. I auditioned everyone for the "A-ha-ha" part of "Flail" and she had the inflection and gut feeling that I needed. IIt's what's most amazing about that song.

And Livie was great at pointing out parts that she really liked, and very much brought her best voice. I had to push her to sing really loud and soulful for "Come Back", and she did really well. She said that song was very tiring.

The "Chants" are something that the kids do all the time, (in the car, in the tree house, in public bathrooms, etc.) so I thought we could use it in the tracks...something I haven't heard done in Electronic Music. I think it's a cool addition. Brings a little "soul" to the strict, computer sounds. Sufjan Stevens uses "Choruses" in some of his songs, and it brings a sort of "Hippy" or "Community" vibe to the song. I like that. If these songs ever make it to a club or dance party, I'm sure people would join in.

Enjoy. Share.

Please don't feel obligated to pay anything for these tracks. It's "Family Time", and that is priceless. But just know, that if you do decide to pay for a track, it will go toward cupcakes, pizza, Frozen Yogurt and frappuccinos.


released August 22, 2013




Jorge Goyco College Station

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Track Name: Amazing
You're Amazing/You Make My World
Track Name: Bad Things
All the bad things/That happen to you
i want to eat them/And take a poo

A dog can eat it/And poop it out
Rolly pollies/Can spread it about

Bad Things/Have to happen
Bad Things/Make us stronger
Track Name: Come Back
You were here and all was good/Now you're gone and all is changed
You were here and all was here/ Now you're not and all is strange

It used to be that everything/Out there was, you know, "Out There"
Now that everything has you/I'm stuck here having to share

Come back

It's changing you, it's changing me

Come Back

Don't Leave me

Who am I without you?
Track Name: Sorry
I'm sorry/I own this/It's my fault
Track Name: Why
Why am I so good for you
Why am I so bad
Why am I
Why am I so cold

I feel like I'm still here
Why am I so cold